Local woman distraught after failing to capture good booty shot while lifting

Local woman distraught after failing to capture good booty shot while lifting

After an epic training session earlier this evening, area female Mel Dewmino returned home to scroll through her 47 minutes of training footage only to find a complete and total lack of any #peachgang-worthy videos or still shots.

“I’m stunned,” Mel states taking a break to speak between sips of her kale smoothie beverage laced with protein powder, “I did squats AND double-unders!”

Miss Dewmino has an impressive social media following through which she provides inspiration and motivation to others on a fitness quest through training videos, honest and emotionally compelling selfies, and shout-outs to athletic apparel companies.

“Videos of Double-unders are usually good to post because it allows my followers to see my agility as an athlete,” Mel reports, “a side of me that is really inspired. And I have nice calves.”

Fitness is a huge part of Mel’s life despite the struggles of being a young woman in a testosterone-filled jungle that is the weight room. She wishes she could just lift in peace without constant harassment.


When asked how she’s going to bounce back from this, Mel stated that she’ll post a “powerful” quote about strength, independence and freedom from judgement. She’s grateful to have RDLs programmed for training tomorrow.

Mel explained to us that she performs RDL, or Romanian Deadlifts, to strengthen the hamstrings and glutes. Upon seeing a demonstration of the movement, it would seem this exercise could be easily mistaken by innocent bystanders as permission to look into one’s soul via the anus.

Mel can be followed on Instagram as @shakes_and_shorts_XOXO.