Squatter wonders if he farted and, if so, was it heard

farticleLocal fitness enthusiast, S. Fincter, claims not to have heard anything, but since he was wearing headphones at the time, he can neither confirm nor deny the occurrence of an audible flatus.

It may or may not have happened during the last rep of a heavy squat when things got a little “loose and dark.” Mr. Fincter does acknowledge that his belt felt extra tight today likely due to the double meat burrito he consumed prior to the training session in question.

While racking the barbell, he was able to survey the scarcely populated weight room and found, to his relief, that the hot girl in the shorts was also wearing headphones.

Upon returning to his bench to rest, Fincter caught a hint of an odor that could be linked to the digestion of a one Barbacoa meat burrito. Local experts have been notified.

Sources have since informed us that Fincter has reduced the weight on the barbell, taken one trip to the restroom, and is currently pacing around the squat rack performing moderate head-banging and stealing occasional glimpses of himself in the mirror.


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