Trimming your videos

What you’re getting into:

  1. Tips on optimizing your social media presence.
  2. Absolutely zero passive aggressive commentary.

I’m going to make this short, to the point, and unfiltered, just like the videos I like to watch on InstaFacetagrambook, also how I like my dates to go. Let’s talk about trimming videos.

Do you have a cool set-up routine? I doubt it.

Unless you have a great ass, I don’t want to watch you walk away from the camera, shake your bar, sacrifice a goat and twerk into position before you lift. You only have 15 seconds on Instagram and I don’t need to see your latest audition tape for, a.k.a, your bench set-up, I want to see you lift so I can adequately judge you and compare you to myself.

I want to see your lift at an angle from which I can see most of your body, the bar bath and how much weight you are doing. If you’re not going to do that, just post a cat meme.

Here are some helpful links for trimming video on your phone:

Do you have an Android? Click here.

Have an iPhone? Click here.

Did you take a video of a shitty lift with bad angles? Click on this:

iphone trash can



That’s all for today folks. Go out there and get some “Likes”!


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